What brought you to Socially Determined?

I was initially drawn to Socially Determined after seeing the tremendous insights and value it was delivering to clients in the payer, provider, and life sciences space. This was then amplified once I met with members of the Socially Determined team and learned of the culture that has been built. It’s one that’s based on shared values, core beliefs, and expectations. Socially Determined empowers its people, encouraging and supporting collaboration, innovation, and challenging the status quo. As is the case with any successful organization, the foundation of Socially Determined’s sustained growth and impassioned team is its strong company culture.

What makes you most excited about your new role?

There are so many things about this opportunity that excite me, but I’ll focus on the two that stand out above all else. First, is the role Socially Determined plays in identifying and solving for the inequities that plague the healthcare system today. We improve healthcare access and outcomes for millions of people by working with organizations to pinpoint what social risk factors are driving healthcare disparities within a community and which populations are most impacted. We help our clients address these socioeconomic factors by supporting the development and deployment of strategic initiatives that target the people most susceptible for adverse outcomes. We then measure the impact of these programs to identify areas of improvement and inform next steps. When I reflect on the great work we’ve done and continue to do, I’m reminded of the opportunity we have to do more by growing our client base.

Second, is the team at Socially Determined. I spent my first week in DC meeting with much of the company, and I could instantly tell that this is an immensely talented, passionate, and collaborative group of people. I’m honored to be a part of this team and look forward to helping take the company to the next level.

What do you expect your biggest challenges to be?

As I get started in this new role, I’ve considered what’s in front of me to be opportunities rather than challenges. When I look at the market and our place in it, Socially Determined is uniquely positioned for growth because we are structured to support a wide variety of organizations and positively affect the lives of millions of people. To capitalize on this opportunity, I will look to refine our focus by identifying and prioritizing the areas where we can make the greatest impact. I’m fortunate that there are so many talented and accommodating people here, and that the support system has helped get me up to speed quickly to expedite this process.

Where are Socially Determined’s biggest opportunities for growth?

This is tough for me to answer because there are so many organizations that can benefit from the work we do. I might be a bit biased given my current role and previous experiences, but if I’m forced to pick one, I would have to say payers. Approximately $30 billion was spent on digital health solutions last year, and some health plans have invested in at least half a dozen competing solutions that are unable to provide any insight into their ROI. Not only can we partner with payers to identify the social determinants of health that are negatively impacting their members, but we can consult with them on how to improve existing initiatives and prioritize new efforts to drive measurable results.

The combination of the SocialScape® platform and our expert customer solutions team enables payers to recognize where and how to improve health outcomes for the populations they serve. Our insights highlight the digital solutions or community-based programs that have the most significant impact. This informs payers where to direct strategic investments based on associated ROI.

How do you see the focus on SDOH evolving in two, three, or even five years from now?

A silver lining that has emerged from the pandemic is the revelation of the outsized impact SDOH has on health outcomes. I believe organizations of all types will continue focusing on how to identify which social determinants are having the greatest effect on their members and patients, and they’ll work diligently to effectively solve for them. I also believe there will be a shift in the regulatory environment as the industry evolves and determines the best way to mitigate social risk factors.

On a personal level, tell us a bit about yourself and your passions outside of work. 

I live in Tampa, Florida with my wife, Shauna and our dog, Skyla. I spent about a decade trying to get good at golf, and after realizing that was never going to happen, I shifted my focus to boating (a decision my wife is much happier with). We like to get out at least once a week for a sunset cruise or to simply let Skyla run on the sandbar, where she welcomes all visitors to the area – humans and birds alike. I also love watching football and playoff hockey, enjoying a nice glass of wine, and spending time with family and close friends.


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