Identify and quantify social risk to optimize reach, resource allocation, and program impact.


Support intervention development and engage stakeholders

Establish a common view of social risk to determine which issues are most impactful and which interventions will best address the needs of specific communities. Prioritize investments to advance community wellbeing and health equity. Convene and align stakeholders around high-impact investments and interventions.

Enhance resource allocation and measure impact

Identify communities and geographies facing disproportionate social risk to tailor programs for specific communities and populations. Quantify the impact of interventions post-implementation to inform decisions around whether to scale, sustain, or sunset programs.


Advance advocacy efforts and influence policy

Empower advocacy groups, policymakers, and other stakeholders with a common view of social risk that drives legislative efforts, policy reform, and other systems-level changes to mitigate the impact of social risk on communities and populations.

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