Recently, CMS launched the Accountable Care Organization Realizing Equity, Access and Community Health (ACO REACH) Model, replacing the Global and Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) Model. ACO REACH is the first Innovation Center model to directly incorporate health equity-based incentives in the financial model, with the explicit goal of incentivizing participants to include vulnerable and historically underserved communities and populations in their program. 

Whether your organization is participating in ACO REACH or not, the advancements that the model introduces offer valuable insights into the future of direction of government-sponsored value-based care models and the additional capabilities that providers will need to both meet program requirements and ensure financial success under the new payment structures.

As part of the Bright Spots in Healthcare podcast series, our Chief Strategy & Solutions Officer Ashley Perry, MPH participated in an interactive panel discussion focused on the innovative incentives and additional requirements included in ACO REACH and how organizations are leveraging social risk analytics fulfill program requirements and optimize financial performance within the model.


Socially Determined’s social risk platform, data, and expertise deliver actionable insights to support your ACO REACH success. Our SocialScape platform provides a complete view of the social needs of your market and population and allows your team to:

●    Proactively identify, engage, and voluntarily align beneficiaries 
●    Optimize the potential to receive the post-baseline health equity payment increase
●    Fulfill SDOH and demographic data collection and reporting requirements 
●    Enhance stratification to inform beneficiary outreach and engagement 
●    Deliver more holistic care, informed by the social care needs of your beneficiaries

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