The reliance we place on technology in all facets of our daily lives has been steadily increasing for a generation – and the global pandemic pushed the speed of digital transformation even faster. For most people, the ability to access and use technology has been critical since March 2020. During lockdowns and social distancing, we relied on our devices and internet access to continue working, learning and even interacting with our healthcare providers. People who could not access, afford or utilize technology in the same way were at a clear and stark disadvantage.  

In the healthcare industry, for example, telehealth utilization levels have stabilized nationwide at a rate that is 38 times higher than before the pandemic, showing just how important digital equity has become. It is now a major influencer of business performance for payers and providers, and the overall wellbeing of communities and populations, and is exactly why Socially Determined has introduced the Digital Landscape Risk metric.

In this video, Alan Lattimer, PhD, vice president of data science at Socially Determined, shares some additional detail. If you want to learn more, please get in touch.

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