In early April 2021, we kicked-off a partnership with 3M Health Information Systems (HIS), playing a significant role in a new technology platform they introduced called 3M™ Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Analytics. This solution allows healthcare providers and payers to prioritize care and allocate resources for high-risk individuals and patient populations. Since 3M SDoH Analytics was introduced, we have been asked quite a bit about what this collaboration means and the value it brings to the market. To explain, let’s go back to the beginning. 

Socially Determined was founded in 2017 based on the principle that there are negative structural and social factors in people’s lives that have a profound impact on their health – factors that aren’t well understood by a healthcare industry with immense resources at its disposal. There was a critical need to look at socioeconomic data in addition to traditional clinical information to get a more holistic view into risk at a community and individual level. This is why we built SocialScape®, a comprehensive platform that provides social risk intelligence by precisely identifying and quantifying those impacted by issues including economic strain, housing instability, transportation barriers, food insecurity and others. The insights uncovered by SocialScape enable organizations to prioritize which actions to take in order to address their populations at scale and then measure the impact of said actions. The goal with our clients is to help them better understand social risk on the ground, deploy resources with better precision, build more focused partnerships and better advocate for the needs of those they serve.

This partnership between 3M HIS and Socially Determined is mutually beneficial for both companies, and more importantly, our customers and the people they serve. From a Socially Determined perspective, it enables us to extend beyond the traditional work we do directly with payers, providers, life sciences and non-profit organizations and leverage the power of 3M’s reach and expertise.

For 3M HIS, the value lies in the ability to utilize our social risk metrics as part of their new, robust Social Determinants of Health solution. Through a rigorous R&D initiative, we combined their proven and powerful 3M™ Clinical Risk Groups (3M CRGs), a population classification system, with our risk metrics to stratify clinical and socioeconomic risk at the individual and population level through their platform.

The combined social and clinical grouping and resulting analytics are far better in describing and predicting need than either one in isolation. And the financial and human implications can now be better quantified, empowering customers to take data-driven action.   

We believe the analytics that we enable with 3M are foundational, thus providing us broad reach with their portfolio of products. 3M’s commitment to addressing clinical and social risk give us unique tools to work together and make a significant impact at scale. 

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