A critical component of any Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) initiative or investment is to objectively measure outcomes. This allows an organization to understand the impact of its social program to refine and improve future initiatives. At Socially Determined®, not only do we take this approach with our clients and partners to help inform decisions, but we also apply it to our own organization.

Working with KLAS® Research, we’ve facilitated independent interviews with our clients to give them a venue for providing anonymous, direct and unvarnished feedback on how we’re doing. KLAS gathered this information and incorporated it into its 2022 Emerging Technologies Report Card. We’re both proud and humbled to share that we’ve earned straight A’s.

The 2022 KLAS Research Emerging Technologies Report Card evaluated nearly 500 organizations and products in key areas that included client service, executive involvement, product quality, platform ease of use, ability to drive tangible outcomes and overall satisfaction. In addition to the distinction of earning straight A’s in all of the six key categories KLAS measures, we also earned the top spot – among all 500 vendors surveyed – for executive involvement and were fourth overall in client service. Our third-highest ranking was in the Product category where we placed No. 20, validating that the combination of our pioneering SocialScape platform and the white-glove service from our team of analytics experts is driving impact for our clients.

There’s no better validation that our approach is making a difference at scale than hearing it directly from those who are putting our Social Risk Intelligence™ methodology into practice. Some of the anonymous comments provided to KLAS Research include:

“Socially Determined has been fantastic in building out the application with us and supporting us in the implementation. We have made upgrade changes to our version of the platform, and Socially Determined has always been willing to bend and flex. They really understand what we do and our limitations. When they are proactive about something, they are suggesting a potentially viable solution to a problem.”

 “Socially Determined's relationship management is phenomenal. We had one person and worked all the way through with them, and when we moved to a new account manager, the transition was seamless. I feel like we are part of Socially Determined's organization.”

“As an organization, we were never able to very easily and rigorously track outcomes at a population level before we had SocialScape. So being able to connect the actual healthcare data with our intervention seemed pretty exciting. There is a lot of promise with the product, and we are excited.”

“Our SocialScape platform is HITRUST-certified and provides Social Risk Intelligence to enable organizations to understand the contours and concentrations of social risk, and how they impact health outcomes and business performance. Fueled by a comprehensive data supply chain and proprietary analytics, SocialScape precisely defines where high concentrations of social risk exist and then quantifies opportunities to address them and drive the most significant impact. This unparalleled view of social risk combined with Socially Determined’s advisory services expertise allows our clients to deploy interventions and investments that translate to quantifiable impact.”

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