Leverage market intelligence to build comprehensive go-to-market strategies.

Data-driven SDOH strategy

Design a comprehensive framework and internal capabilities to leverage our Social Risk Intelligence, analytics, and expertise. These insights inform planning and decision-making for enterprise, market access, medical and real-world evidence-focused business units.

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Population and market planning

Establish a consistent view of community-level contours and concentrations of social risk, such as the economic climate, food landscape and transportation network across your markets to understand implications and identify opportunities to drive business performance for therapeutic areas of focus.

Improve medication adherence

Design and align patient support service program interventions aimed at improving and measuring medication adherence for enrolled patient populations. Get a holistic view into person-specific social risk factors such as financial strain, food insecurity, health literacy challenges, and transportation barriers. 


Clinical trial operations

Tailor recommendations for target markets and design strategies to optimize recruitment and retention by removing barriers to participation based on both community- and person-specific social risk insights.


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