Analytics by Socially Determined

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At Socially Determined, we are fusing clinical and claims data with outside contextual data to build holistic models of people, the communities they live in, and their interactions with the healthcare system.  Our analytics go well beyond gathering data about people, as we seek to understand the most important questions in healthcare: 

  • Why do some adhere to clinical instructions and others don’t? 

  • What barriers (healthy food, transportation, access to facilities) do people in the community face? 

  • What unique conditions exist in neighborhoods that are driving healthcare outcomes? 

Delivering Results for our Customers

Analytics are useless if not consumable by the people providing care. We deliver analytics through our secure, cloud-based platform.  We provide native advanced visualizations and reporting which is then integrated into our customers’ enterprise systems and clinical workflows.  


Experts in Healthcare Innovation

We recognize that each organization is at a different stage in their SDOH journey.  We partner with each customer to ensure existing processes take full advantage of our analytics and that we help them create new processes where needed.  We believe that in order to make a difference in a community, we need to become a partner in the community.  We believe new approaches will lead to new insight that will drive new behaviors to produce new outcomes. 

Download our two-page PDF to learn more about our solutions.