We are in a time of unprecedented industry transformation, which makes strategic planning and investment prioritization both critical and complicated. Health systems, ACOs, life science companies and payers know that the Social Determinants of Health significantly influence outcomes and understand that they have to support patients where they live, work, play and pray.

Socially Determined partners with these organizations to help them navigate the landscape of their Social Determinant risks in order to design and implement programs that improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. 

Analytically Driven and Supported Results

Our customers benefit from our unique SDOH metrics and visualizations of their risk landscape.  We are able to quantify both SDOH risks and the potential value of intervention programs, giving our customers precision and defensibility in targeting their intervention programs.

Our Comprehensive Approach

We believe that to be successful in this space, we must not only create measures and metrics, but we must also partner with those on the ground to implement programs backstopped by these data and analytics.  We use a purpose-built, comprehensive approach to ensure customer success, blending data analytics with integration and implementation services to ensure successful customer outcomes.

Specializing in SDOH

Our entire business is built on our understanding of every facet of SDOH, from analytics to integration to human behavior.  We invest in research, forge industry partnerships, and look outside the healthcare industry for additional inspiration.  We are passionate about being experts in this field and are committed to transforming healthcare with our technology and services.

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