Introducing SocialScape™: The Industry’s First Purpose-Built SDOH Analytic Platform

SDOH Insights for your population and market within weeks, not months or years

SocialScape™ is a secure, cloud-based platform that manages massive data fusion, analytics, and visualizations of community and individual SDOH risk. The platform provides a powerful, predictable, and efficient path to surfacing SDOH insights to inform the planning, implementation, and evaluation of core business strategies and SDOH initiatives.

SocialScape™ ingests your clinical and claims data as well as programmatic data and does the rest. With our platform, our clients get:

  • Access to the industry’s largest repository of social determinant data. SocialScape™ harvests, cleans, normalizes, and registers hundreds of open and commercial sources so you don’t have to. At Socially Determined, our work uncovering new sources of data and insights is never done.

  • Risk Metrics and Advanced Analytics based on our risk science and machine learning models that correlate social risk factors to health outcomes, spending and utilization patterns.

  • Stunning visualizations of social determinant risk and impacts that will change your conversations about social determinants of health.

  • Storage and processing of your data in a cloud-based environment that is built from the ground up—with security as a priority.

  • APIs to bring SocialScape™ data and insights into your computing environment or into your enterprise systems.

Above: Sample images from SocialScape™ Explorer, a web-based analytic tool designed to illuminate SDOH risks (part of the SocialScape™ platform)

Get Started Right Away With Flexible Subscription Models

Our cross-discipline team of experts and consultants will help you translate these SDOH insights into your business. We work with healthcare systems, payers, pharmaceutical companies, associations, and community partners to make better informed business decisions and improve the health of our communities. Our applications and APIs allow our clients and partners to visualize and put SDOH analytic insights to work.

We offer tailored subscription models designed to meet our clients’ individual needs, bundling essential services with the SocialScape™ platform to drive value quickly and efficiently.

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