We Are Socially Determined

By Our Founders: Trenor Williams, MD; Ryan Bosch, MD; Anthony Beverina

It has become clear that social risk—food insecurity, lack of stable housing, social isolation, poor health literacy—significantly impacts one’s overall health. Our country spent over $3.5 trillion last year in healthcare, yet our current healthcare system is poorly designed to address the needs of those with higher social risk.

At Socially Determined, we believe that the key to addressing these challenges is to create mechanisms to align doing the right thing with clear business incentives. Addressing critical issues like food insecurity, housing instability, or lack of transportation not only positively impacts the lives of people and their families, but it leads to improved financial outcomes which has a tangible impact to the bottom lines of payers and providers.

Imagine market forces in the most powerful economy in the world moving to address social determinants of health (SDOH) in a systematic way. As we make that happen, then we will move addressing SDOH from an altruistic pursuit to a business imperative.

Announcing the Socially Determined Blog

We are excited to launch our new blog series and start a dialogue on how data and analytics that integrate social risk, clinical disease burden, utilization patterns, and demographics can be the catalyst for change in healthcare. We’ve built a team with deep healthcare, analytics and data science backgrounds—completely focused on the social determinants of health. We see an opportunity to share what we’ve learned over the last number of years to help those with resources better understand how to direct those resources at scale and with precision to meet the SDOH challenges of the populations they serve.

Some of the categories and topics we will address in our blog include:

  • Foundational technical topics, such as:

    • How we are creating the science of SDOH, including specifics on data sources and strategy, analytic SDOH risk metrics, and machine learning approaches

    • Operational integration of SDOH insights into Health IT and enterprise applications

    • Data security, privacy, and ethics

  • Industry Insights: Our perspective on how leadership and innovations in SDOH are driving the industry forward, including:

    • SDOH-in-action: Interventions, innovation, financial and payment strategies

    • Industry conference highlights

    • Client spotlights and success stories

  • Company updates about our progress, partners, and people

We aim to answer important questions and build a dialogue that puts a spotlight on the importance of SDOH—and why addressing social risk is a priority for healthcare organizations across the country.

We are excited to share more about our work in the coming weeks and months. We look forward to this conversation and encourage you to follow future posts at SociallyDetermined.com/blog.

Our Founders:

Trenor Williams, MD – Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Bosch, MD – President
Anthony Beverina – Chief Strategy Officer